More than 100 radiologists have made Radiology Associates of Florida their professional home. We hope this page will give you a glimpse of our practice and our communities. We are not looking for anonymous radiologists to fill seats. We are looking to nurture future teammates, and to provide every radiologist professional fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

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“With RAF, you have the opportunity to practice in the diverse, beautiful state of Florida with a group of radiologists that share the collective aim of providing excellent, value-driven service to their community.”

Radiology Associates of Florida Staff

The Practice


We are the largest practice in the state of Florida, and we are partnered with the leading national radiology practice, Radiology Partners. We serve the most prestigious, established health systems in Florida. Our scale affords our practice stability, and affords our radiologists flexibility in study mix and scheduling. We also recognize that scale alone does not beget excellence.

Radiology Associates of Florida Staff
Radiology Associates of Florida Staff


RAF values clinical quality. Many of our motivated radiologists participate in quality projects and improvement committees to advance our daily practice to the cutting edge of evidence-based medicine. We encourage subspecialty-level interpretations across our practice, and facilitate collaboration and consultation between our radiologists. We benefit from AI-driven tools to help radiologists stay on top of up-to-the-minute best practice guidelines. In RAF, excellence in patient care is the foundation of every group initiative.


We value teamwork. We recognize every radiologist’s contribution to the practice. We have radiologists that excel in efficient, accurate clinical practice. We have other radiologists that are world-class teachers or published researchers. Many of our radiologists are active contributors or officers in specialty guilds like the Florida Radiological Society or the American College of Radiology. And, we are connected enough that no one radiologist gets stuck with an endless list — our team pitches in so we always get the work done together. We also match our new radiologists with an established mentor who can show them the ropes, and give them the knowledge that you don’t find in the handbooks.

Radiology Associates of Florida Staff
Radiology Associates of Florida Staff

Democratic Governance

Our practice operates democratically, with decisions vested in the hands of the group at large, rather than in a few founders or a small group of shareholders. We have a Local Practice Board that serves 2-year terms, and radiologists both new and established are encouraged to serve. Many of our radiologists serve on national Support Boards with Radiology Partners, in domains such as Recruiting, Information Technology, Credentialing, Wellness, and many more.

IT Excellence

We have an industry-leading cloud-based software suite that unites our practice across geographic lines, allowing us to dedicate subspecialty expertise wherever it is needed. This means that every client site is staffed by a pool of up to 100 potential radiologists 24/7, allowing us to be efficient without sacrificing expertise, and without loading any individual radiologist with an untenable workload. We have a robust network of home workstations. Our national practice has an entire staff section dedicated to advancing our IT capabilities, including in-house data scientists that have developed AI-based natural language processing tools to facilitate our work. Locally, we have a dedicated 24/7 IT support staff accountable to RAF.

Radiology Associates of Florida Staff
Radiology Associates of Florida Staff


We are the teaching physicians for the University of South Florida Department of Radiology in Tampa. Our residents have a strong presence at local and national meetings. We encourage teaching and mentorship of our radiologists in training, and many of our faculty are prolific publishers in the radiology literature. In Sarasota, our physicians staff the Florida State University College of Medicine, hosting medical students in their 3rd and 4th years. We also invite residents from the FSU Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine Residency programs to rotate in our departments.

The Team

Our diverse group of radiologists work and socialize together in our communities around Florida. Even between our communities across the state, we are one practice. We have monthly practice-wide in person or video meetings. We also schedule events to celebrate and socialize.

Radiology Associates of Florida Staff