Population Health Management

Population Health Management is all encompassing from the point of access through the chain of patient care. Radiology’s role is divided into two silos with supportive duties.

First, radiology-led initiatives are critical in advancing population health goals and secondly, diverse imaging infrastructure is required for population health metrics and appropriate image utilization. Radiology-led initiatives include imaging e utilization programs, robust imaging-led screening programs and management of critical and incidental findings and ensuring follow-up studies. In response to these needs, RAF has been the pioneer of Clinical Decision Support implementation in the hospital environment for last 5 years and now in outpatient setting since late 2019.

Radiology Associates of Florida

RAF has successfully integrated CareSelect (formerly ACR Select™) within its primary hospital system’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). RAF physicians are actively involved in the order entry process and consult with ordering physicians on the most appropriate, cost-effective imaging exam for their patients. This program has proven effective in decreasing unnecessary and redundant testing while improving hospital inpatient throughput. RAF has also developed a robust screening program in mammography and is the premier women’s imaging practice in the Tampa Bay Area. RAF and its management team have created a highly effective comprehensive breast nurse navigator program that manages the patient flow. Through this program the radiologist can manage the patient’s care from start to finish seamlessly, creating a cost-effective environment for both the system and the patient. Similarly, RAF has developed a successful lung cancer screening program with pulmonologists and primary care physicians to help detect lung cancer earlier and improve long term outcomes. Finally, RAF has established a cardiovascular screening initiative which predicts cardiac related outcomes in patients using a combination of calcium score CTs, echocardiograms, carotid ultrasound, nuclear stress testing and/or electrocardiography. This program provides clinicians with powerful predictors of cardiac disease while helping guide lifestyle and medication modifications for patients.

Data Sharing Model

In order to be at the forefront of population health, it was critical to develop a robust infrastructure through investing in integrated data sharing platforms, further developing population health alignment models and exploring alternative payment structures. RAF has been instrumental in developing a universal PACS and Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) network across disparate systems that expands the data sharing model within our geographic region Population health management has been a staple in the RAF culture by striving to be leaders of clinical algorithms through participation in interdisciplinary conferences, tumor boards, grand rounds and quality and peer review committees. Key areas must be identified, managed and measured properly to effectively ensure success in the population health arena. Through strong commitment to its hospital and other clinical partners, RAF is ready for these changes in the future healthcare environment.