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Radiologists and Clinicians

Our radiologists and clinicians work in a culture of excellence, innovation and collaboration at the forefront of radiology. We provide our team with the necessary resources and technology to excel. Explore career opportunities with us, where we highly value service-oriented, collegial team members. We offer competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package.

Support Teammates

Our support teammates are essential in enhancing the healthcare experience, utilizing their unique gifts and talents to improve the overall healthcare experience. We go to great lengths to ensure colleagues are heard and their impact felt as we live out our mission.

Over a hundred radiologists have chosen Radiology Associates of Florida as their professional home. This page offers a window into our practice and the vibrant communities we serve. Our goal isn’t merely to fill seats with anonymous radiologists; we are looking to nurture future teammates while ensuring each radiologist finds professional contentment and personal gratification within our team.
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The Practice


We are Florida’s largest radiology practice, aligned with Radiology Partners, the leading physician-led and physician-owned radiology practice in the U.S. Serving Florida’s premier health systems, our size ensures practice stability and provides our radiologists with study mix and scheduling flexibility. Yet, we understand that scale doesn’t guarantee excellence.

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At RAF, prioritizing clinical quality remains paramount. Our dedicated radiologists actively engage in various quality projects and improvement committees, propelling our daily practice to the forefront of evidence-based medicine. Emphasizing subspecialty-level interpretations throughout our operations fosters a culture of precision while promoting collaboration and consultation among our radiologists. Leveraging AI-driven tools, we ensure our radiologists are equipped with the latest advancements, enabling them to adhere to up-to-the-minute best practice guidelines. Ultimately, at RAF, our commitment to excellence in patient care is the cornerstone of every group initiative, driving us towards superior healthcare outcomes.


At our core, we value teamwork. We deeply value the unique contributions of each radiologist within our practice, recognizing their diverse strengths and expertise. Some excel in delivering swift and precise clinical diagnoses, while others shine as educators or groundbreaking researchers. Many of our team members actively participate in esteemed specialty guilds such as the Florida Radiological Society and the American College of Radiology. Collaboration is ingrained in our culture; no one is left to tackle an overwhelming workload alone. Instead, our interconnectedness ensures that we collectively accomplish our goals. We prioritize the growth and development of our new members, pairing them with seasoned mentors who offer invaluable insights beyond what’s found in textbooks. Together, we navigate challenges, celebrate successes and uphold a culture where every individual thrives.

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Democratic Governance

At the heart of our practice lies a commitment to democracy, where decisions are made collectively by the entire group rather than by a select few founders or shareholders. To ensure representation and accountability, we have established a local practice board comprising members who serve two-year terms, welcoming participation from new and seasoned radiologists. Additionally, many of our radiologists extend their expertise beyond our local sphere by serving on national support boards within Radiology Partners. These boards encompass a wide array of domains, including recruiting, information technology, credentialing, wellness and many others, reflecting our dedication to shared governance and collaborative leadership across all levels of our organization.

IT Excellence

Our commitment to IT excellence is evident through our cutting-edge cloud-based software suite, which seamlessly integrates our practice across geographical boundaries, ensuring subspecialty expertise is readily available wherever needed. With a pool of up to 100 potential radiologists available around the clock at every client site, we prioritize efficiency without compromising the quality of care. We also prevent any individual radiologist from being overburdened. Our extensive network of home workstations further enhances our operational capabilities. At a national level, we boast a specialized team focused on advancing our IT infrastructure, including in-house data scientists who have pioneered AI-driven natural language processing tools tailored to streamline our workflows. Locally, we maintain a dedicated 24/7 IT support staff accountable to RAF, ensuring uninterrupted technical assistance whenever required.

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As teaching physicians affiliated with the University of South Florida Department of Radiology in Tampa, we play a pivotal role in shaping the future of radiology through our residency program. Our residents actively participate in local and national meetings, showcasing their dedication to continuous learning and professional development. Fostering a culture of education and mentorship, we prioritize the training of our radiologists in training, many of whom become prolific publishers in the radiology literature. In Sarasota, our physicians are instrumental in staffing the Florida State University College of Medicine, providing invaluable clinical experiences for medical students during their 3rd and 4th years. Furthermore, we extend our educational outreach by welcoming FSU Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine Residency program residents to rotate within our departments, enriching their training experiences and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Team

Our dynamic team of radiologists collaborates professionally and fosters strong social bonds within our communities across Florida. Despite geographical dispersion, we remain seamlessly connected as one unified practice. Regular practice-wide gatherings, whether in person or via video conferencing, are held monthly, providing a platform for open communication and alignment of goals. Additionally, we organize events throughout the year to commemorate achievements and promote camaraderie among our members, reinforcing our commitment to a cohesive and supportive work environment.

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Radiology Associates of Florida offers highly specialized experience in every facet of radiology, utilizing current and progressive protocols with the most innovative techniques for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic intervention.

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